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Mountain Bike Holidays in Switzerland and worldwide road cycling routes and mountain bicycle tours - How to create a route

How to create a route

Dear Biker,

here a short guideline of how to use our bicycle route creating tool.

Please be aware, that viewing the route page with Mozilla Firefox can result in some features not being properly displayed (for example the elevation in the tour profile might have problems). We recommend that you view this page with an Internet Explorer.

View Modus:

While our standard view of the Google Map is the 'Terrain View' modus, you might find it easier to switch this feature off during creation of a route, as the the zoom level in the 'Standard View' can be dramatically increased and a more detailed view of the streets will be visible. The view modus can be changed by hoovering over 'Map' in the upper right corner of the Google Map and by disabling 'Terrain'.

linetool  Line Tool:

The line tool is for creating straight routes (following a straight street for example) or for routes which are leading cross country.

magnettool  Magnet Tool:

The magnet tool will connect and follow automatically the points you set on roads. Please be aware that having a lot of space between your route points will increase difficulty during editing of the route in a later stage.

markertool  Marker Tool:

This tool lets you place POI markers (View points, Repair Shops, Hospitals, etc) with a short description and a picture along your route.

deletetool  Delete Route:

When clicking on this icon your whole route including all markers will be deleted so you can start fresh. If you would like to delete only the last point/s of your route, please use the 'Delete last Point' option in the right side menu.

Mixing Magnet- and Line Tool:

When creating a mixed street/cross country route you are able to combine the line- and magnet tool. Just change to the line tool when leaving a street to go cross country and change back to the magnet tool when reaching a road again.

Warning: Be careful when creating your route and place your points slowly step by step, as editing your route at a later time can be a little bit tricky and might result in the loss of your whole route.

Also, please add as much information (surface, category, description, etc) as possible to a route, so other bicycle friends know what they are in for when choosing your route.

GPS import/export: You can export all our routes to your GPS device. Further, when you have created a route with your GPS device, you can upload this route to our database. When importing GPS data it is mandatory, that you fill out all information (surface, category, etc) and especially the description, as not doing so might result in unability to save your route.

Please be aware, when importing GPS coordinates of your route, there might be problems when they are containing a lot of marker points. And this might result in the error message below:


As nobody is perfect, there might be still errors appearing during creation of your routes. Here are an error which is in the process of being fixed, but can still appear at the moment:

1. Script is not answering:


This error message might be happening when importing a bicycle route (a long route or a route with a big file size) for example. Please click on 'Continue' and wait a moment. After a few seconds it should finish computing and the route will be  imported. When there is still no result (new imported route not visible) and the message appears again, please click on 'Stop Script'. The route will then not be imported and you can try it again.

We know, having errors while creating a route can be very annoyable and we do apologize for any inconvenience in advance. If we are aware of an error, we strive to fix it as soon as possible. So let us know if you have any problems while creating your bike route.

Thank you very much for your understanding & have fun using our bicycle route tool.

Your Bike Holidays Team